Meat and Poultry

Our meat comes from Thompsons in Northallerton and Masham sausages. We have deliveries to the shop on a Tuesday and Friday from Thompsons and can add any extras that you would like to collect from us. We usually order a different range for every order in the shop so if there is something specific you would like please let us know. Please order by 12pm Monday for Tuesday delivery and 12pm Thursday for Friday delivery. Masham sausages also deliver twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. For Masham sausages please order before 1pm Saturday for Tuesday delivery and 2.30pm Wednesday for Friday delivery. 


Steak Mince

Stewing steak 

Braising steak 

Rump steak

Sirloin steak

Rib eye steak 

Fillet steak 

Topside joint 


Steak truffles 

Beef wellington


Pork chops 

Gammon steak 

Pork joint 

Pork shoulder 

Gammon Joint 

Diced Pork

Olde english pork sausage 

Pork and caramelised onion sausages 

Pork, leek and apple sausages

Pork and black pudding sausages

Thin pork sausage 

Pork and venison sausage

Back bacon 

Dry cured bacon

Smoked bacon

Pork pies


Thick Pork 

Pork & Tomato 

Pork & Stilton 

Pork & Honey 

Pork & Apple 

Pork & Chives 


Pork & Leek 

Traditional Pork (pepper & sage) 


Pork Sundried Tomato & Basil 

Hot Spicy 

Country Herb

Wild Boar 
Hog Hop (pork & ale) 
Beef & Tomato 
Lamb Mint 
Pork Leek & Chutney 
Pork & Ampleforth Abbey Cider 
Pork Honey & Mustard 
Chicken Smoked Bacon Mushroom 

Dry cured bacon 

Smoked bacon

Beef burgers


Lamb chops 

Minted lamb chops

Lamb shank 

Lamb Shoulder 

Leg of lamb

Diced lamb

Lamb and mint swirls 


Whole chicken

Chicken fillets 

Diced chicken

Duck in Chinese plum sauce

Honey mustard chicken

Chicken kiev

Hunters chicken 

Chicken parmo

Lemon and coriander chicken


Coming soon


The Milk Churn Farm Shop

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Wednesday - 9.00am-5.00pm 

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Friday - 9.00am - 5.00pm

Saturday - 9.00am - 1.00pm

Sunday - CLOSED

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